Special Orders


Each special order by Dispel is born out of the meeting of our artisans’ skills and the wishes of a customer. By continuing a long-standing tradition of bespoke pieces that has earned its reputation, Dispel ensures the continuation of exceptional craftsmanship in all its excellence and refinement. 

These unique items are the ultimate in exclusivity, as they are especially designed to meet the requirements of one person, and one person only. Each of them is entirely hand made, according to the highest, strictest standards. When the crafting process is over, the craftsman writes down the serial number of the piece they made on its identification tag, along with their initials. They also write down that same serial number in the manufacturing register that keeps track of all items made in the Dispel workshops. The manufacturing register is used as a reference in the event an item needs to be repaired.

Everything is possible, from the classical to the extravagant, and each customer’s imagination is the only limit.